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Product Overview

R5216-2H HD DVR is a new generation of 5 in 1 HD DVR, compatible with TVI, IP, AHD, CVI, CVBS, more open, analog coaxial cable with a long distance of up to 600m and reliable video transmission. Products are widely used in schools, supermarkets, communities, factories, warehouses, building engineering, transportation, water conservancy facilities and other monitoring areas. Features

  • Online upgrade;
  • TVI 2.0, AHD 2.0, CVI, CVBS, IPCAM 5 in 1 full format seamless support;
  • Support ONVIF protocol to ensure the interconnection and interconnection of network video surveillance products;
  • Network diagnostic function, one-click diagnosis of network faults;
  • Support multi-language version switching;
  • Large hard disk storage, multiple browsers, PC-side CMS, H.264 / H.265 compression standards;
  • Easyview remote P2P video is smooth and stable, Android / iOS / PC multi-platform client support;
  • Reliable video transmission of analog coaxial cable up to 600m long distance;
  • All series support UTC function

Technical Parameters



Channel mode

DVR mode

Support, up to 16CH channels: ordinary analog video real-time input

Support, maximum 16 channels:AHD@5MP-H/4MP-H/3MP/1080P/720P

Support, maximum 16 channels:TVI@5MP-H/4MP-H/3MP/1080P/720P

Support, maximum 16 channels:CVI@5MP-H/4MP-H/3MP/1080P/720P

Mixed mode

Support, the maximum number of channels is 16, the number of analog channels and IPCAM channels can be switched arbitrarily

NVR mode

Support, up to 16 real-time IPCAM video inputs

Digital channel(IPC)

IP video input

16CH 3M, RJ45 interfaces

Built-in switch


Protocol support


IPC remote settings

Support (time synchronization, encoding settings, color adjustment, PTZ, motion detection)

Analog channel

Analog video input format

TVI 2.0(720P@25/30/50/60fps,1080P@25/30fps,3MP@18fps,4MP@15/25/30fps,5MP@12/20fps)

AHD(720P@25/30fps,1080P@25/30fps,3MP@18fps, 4MP@15/25/30fps,5MP@12/20fps)

CVI(720P@25/30fps,1080P@25/30fps,3MP@18fps, 4MP@15/25/30fps,5MP@12/20fps)


Analog video encoding resolution


4MN(1280*1440)@15fps 3MP(1920*1536)@12fps 1080P@15fps


Analog video encoding bit rate

64Kbps --4Mbps


Support 16 channels

Audio input

Support 2 channels(Can be expanded to 16 channels)

Audio coding


Video output

HDMI output

1 channel HDMI interface; maximum resolution:4K/30Hz

CVBS output

Customizable support

VGA output

1 channel VGA interface; maximum resolution:1920x1080/60Hz

Audio output

Audio output

RCA Audio output*1, HDMI Audio output

Video playback

Stream type

Audio and video stream mixed stream / separate video stream

Video compression standard

standard H.26

Audio compression standard



DVR model:16CH 720P record

Mixed mode or NVR mode:16CH 1080P record


4ch 5MP-H / 4ch 4MP-H / 4ch 3MP / 4ch 1080P / 4ch 720P playback

Mixed mode or NVR mode:4CH 3MP Replay

Dual stream


Web access


PC clien


APP clien


Hard disk drive

Storage type

2 SATA interface


Supports up to 6TB hard drives per interface

Backup method

USB backup and network backup

External interface

Network Interface

RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port(Optional Gigabit LAN)

USB interface

2 USB2.0 ports (support upgrade, backup and mouse)

Alarm interface

Optional: 4 in 1 out

Serial interface

1 RS485 interface


Operating temperature

-10 degrees-55 degrees





operating system

Embedded Linux operating system

Software shutdown


Equipment control

Infrared remote and mouse

power input

DC +12 V / 4A(Dual hard drives)