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Product Overview

R5208-2H high-definition hard disk video recorder series is a new generation of five-in-one hard disk video recorder, compatible with TVI, IP, AHD, CVI, CVBS, more open, analog coaxial cable up to 600m ultra-long distance reliable video transmission. Products are widely used in schools, supermarkets, communities, factories, warehouses, building engineering, transportation, water conservancy facilities and other monitoring areas.   Features

  • Online upgrade;
  • TVI 2.0, AHD 2.0, CVI, CVBS, IPCAM 5 in 1 full format seamless support;
  • Support ONVIF protocol to ensure the interconnection and interconnection of network video surveillance products;
  • Network diagnostic function, one-click diagnosis of network faults;
  • Support multi-language version switching;
  • Large hard disk storage, multiple browsers, PC-side CMS, H.264 / H.265 compression standards;
  • Easyview remote P2P video is smooth and stable, Android / iOS / PC multi-platform client support;
  • Reliable video transmission of analog coaxial cable up to 600m long distance;
  • All series support UTC function




Channel mode

DVR mode

Support, up to 8 channels: ordinary analog video real-time input

Support, up to 8 channels:AHD@5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/720P

Support, up to 8 channels:TVI2.0@5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/720Ps

Support, up to 8 channels:CVI@5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/720Ps

Mixed mode

Support, the maximum number of channels is 8, the number of analog channels and IPCAM channels can be switched arbitrarily

NVR mode

Support, real-time input of up to 8 web cameras

Digital channel(IPC)

IP support:8CH 5M, RJ45 interfaces

Built-in switch


Protocol support


IPC remote settings

Support (time synchronization, encoding settings, color adjustment, PTZ, motion detection)

Analog channel

Analog video input format

TVI 2.0(720P@25/30/50/60fps,1080P@25/30fps,3MP@18fps,4MP@15fps,5MP@12fps/20fps)

AHD(720P@25/30fps,1080P@25/30fps,3MP@18fps, 4MP@15fps,5MP@12fps/20fps)

CVI(720P@25/30fps,1080P@25/30fps,3MP@18fps, 4MP@15fps,5MP@12fps/20fps)


Analog video encoding resolution

5MP-H(1280*1952)@6fps 4MP-H(1280*1440)/3MP-H(960*1536)/1080P@8fps 1080P-H(960x1080)/720P@15fps


Analog video encoding bit rate

64 Kbps ~ 3Mbps


Support 8 channels

Audio input

Support 4 channels(Can be expanded to 8 channels)

Audio coding


Video output

HDMI output

1 channel, HDMI interface; maximum resolution:1920x1080/60Hz

CVBS output

Customizable support

VGA output

1 channel, VGA interface; maximum resolution:1920x1080/60Hz

Audio output

Audio output

RCA Audio output*1, HDMI Audio output

Video playback

Stream type

Audio and video stream mixed stream / separate video stream

Video compression standard

standard H.265

Audio compression standard



DVR mode::2CH 5MP-H Replay/4CH 1080P Replay,NVR mode:2CH 3MP Replay/4CH 1080P Replay

Dual stream


Web access


PC client


APP PC client


Hard disk drive

Storage type

2 SATA interface


Supports up to 6TB hard drives per interface

Backup method

USB backup and network backup

External interface

Network Interface

RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port

USB interface

2 USB2.0 ports (support upgrade, backup and mouse)

Alarm interface

Optional: 4 in 1 out

Serial interface

1 RS485 interface


Operating temperature

-10 degrees-55 degrees



operating system

Embedded Linux operating system

Software shutdown


Equipment control

Infrared remote and mouse

power input

DC +12 V / 3.5A|(Dual hard drives)